Daily Inspiration

Lights and Cameras

Let's talk a little bit more about lights, shadows, and light transmission.

3D Effects

This is a particle generator effect. We'll also look at the Shatter effect and one or two others.

Time Remapping

Keyframe time!


This assignment IS OPTIONAL for EXTRA CREDIT.




Follow the tutorial below, or, for extra credit, do your own version of the tutorial with your own footage!


  1. Go to

  2. Find the "Time Freeze" tutorial (should be number 36)

  3. Download the project files and watch/follow along with the tutorial

  4. Then, either do this tutorial and turn it in, or, for extra credit, use your own video footage and recreate something like this by using time remapping.

  5. Turn in your .aep file through e-mail to me as usual, and don't forget to also include the video footage that you shot of yourself if you decide to do your own video.

  6. You can also render your video and post it online and send me a link this time, rather than sending me an aep file.


Turning in homework:


Use your personal or student e-mail to turn in homework. My e-mail address is In this case you need to send my AEP file AND the source images that you use! Include your last name in the file name (roundy_3DPhoto.aep, e.g.). As always, you can email me with questions at