Daily Inspiration

Intro to 3D in AE

Using a single image, some masks, and some AE 3D trickery, we can create a scene with depth like the World War II video that I showed you earlier. This requires a tool called the "Clone Stamp." This technique is often referred to as "2.5D" since it is really just using flat images in a 3D space.

Lights and Cameras

You can create lights in AE, but they don't work exactly as you might think.

Camera Rigging

Cameras can be a little bit tricky to control in AE. By combining cameras and parenting, you can get much better control over your camera movement.


3D Effects


This assignment will be do next week at the end of class.




Do your own 2.5D photo!


  1. You need to create a 2.5D scene from 1 or more of your own photos. You can get images off of the Internet if you want.

  2. You need to include a 3D camera in your scene, and some movement (the camera needs to be moving, or it can be parented to a solid layer or null object that is moving in 3D space).

  3. Make sure that you submit the AEP project as usual through email, but ALSO, make sure that you attach any and ALL photos or source files that you used in your project with your email.

  4. Try to keep it under 15 seconds long.

  5. Consider lowering the resolution of your image before bringing it into AE. This may help speed up masking and rendering.


Need some help? Checkout tutorial #46 "Virtual 3D Photos" at This is a tutorial from a guy named Andrew Kramer who teaches some really great tips on how to use AE. Warning, this tutorial requires Photoshop, or an understanding of the AE Clone Stamp tool. Also, for more 3D tutorials, try numbers 22, 23, or 27. He's a great resource for some cool tips on how to use AE. Good luck! 


Turning in homework:


Use your personal or student e-mail to turn in homework. My e-mail address is In this case you need to send my AEP file AND the source images that you use! Include your last name in the file name (roundy_3DPhoto.aep, e.g.). As always, you can email me with questions at