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Download the study guide here.


Don't forget you also need to know five ways to import a file and five ways to create a new composition.

Midterm Project Coming Soon!


The midterm is a personal project that will be due at the beginning of class in 3 weeks! You'll get to show off your work to the class.


This is your chance to do something creative and fun without having to use some files from me first. Start thinking about what kinds of animations or short video ideas you want to do, and we'll talk more about the details next week.

Daily Inspiration


More Masking Techniques

Masks can do more than cut out layers. Let's have a look!


Parenting or "linking" is useful for animating all kinds of stuff. Let's take a gander.


Click here to learn about how parenting works

This assignment will be do next week at the end of class.




First, download the homework files from the orange button link above. Then, view the sample animation in that folder called "" For this assignment, match the animation as closely as you can to the example. There is NOT an After Effects project file included with the homework's download. You'll have to import all of the files on your own. Don't forget to save your project before starting animation!


  1. Import the PSD file as a composition, and retain layer sizes.

  2. Start the crane in a collapsed position.

  3. "Highlight" the numbers or make them glow at the right time. I'm intentionally not going to teach you how, figure it out on your own and have fun trying out different techniques.

  4. Pause on all three numbers, in order.

  5. Include your name in the final after effects project file. (eg: roundy_hw4.aep or lroundy_handCrane.aep)

  6. Turn in your homework by emailing me at


Turning in homework:


Use your personal or student e-mail to turn in homework. My e-mail address is I will create an assignment online and you only need to send your After Effects Project to me! The After Effects Project should have a ".aep" extension and will probably be less than 100K (pretty small). Include your last name in the file name (roundy_HandCrane.aep, e.g.). As always, you can email me with questions at