Midterm Projects Due In TWO Weeks!


The midterm project is due in two weeks at the beginning of class


What is the midterm project? That's up to you. Basically, it should be an original animation or video that displays some of the things we've learned so far. Think of your midterm project as an advanced version of a homework assignment you've already done. This is your chance to be creative and to make something that you're proud of.


Specific requirements:


  1. Length of the video is not very important, but try to make it a little longer than an average homework assignment and try to keep it shorter than say, 2 minutes.

  2. Preferably, it should have music and/or audio of some sort

  3. Your midterm project should include original content (don't copy a tutorial on the internet!). Though you may use assets (images or videos) that you find online.

  4. If possible, try to make the resolution of your video/animation at least 1280x720 (1920x1080 is preferred)

  5. Render your video as an mp4 or Quicktime file

  6. Upload your midterm project to Youtube or to Vimeo

  7. Email me the Youtube and/or Vimeo link of the final video BEFORE class on the day of the midterm.

Daily Inspiration

Channels (RGBA)

All digital images on a computer are made up of a grid of pixels or squares. Each pixel's color or value is determined by a combination of four "channels." These are Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha.

Blend Modes

Computers only see "pixels" or individual colors as numbers. So, to blend colors together, AE will do some different types of math to get you different looking "blended" images.

Alpha/Luma Mattes

In the old days, various forms of different technology were used to create visual effects. Often a sheet of glass with paint on it was used as a way to "matte" out certain elements in a scene.


Now, programs on computers like After Effects can use the different color or alpha channels of a layer to create track mattes. These are particularly handy when keying out certain colors by using something like a green screen.


This assignment will be do next week by the end of class.




Email me your MIDTERM PROJECT PROPOSAL. Include the following in your email:

  1. A short sentence or two summarizing your idea for the midterm project. (e.g. music video with some cool effects, or opening title sequence for a short film, or kinetic typography example, etc.) 

  2. A short sentence or list of features/effects that you intend to use in After Effects to accomplish your project. (e.g. masking, keyframes, parenting, text layers, etc.)

  3. Follow the instructions for your midterm as listed at the top of this page


Turning in homework:


Use your personal or student e-mail to turn in homework. My e-mail address is In this case you need to send me a simple email with a few sentences. As always, you can email me with questions at